Calm & Connected

Now enrolling 7th-9th grade girls for the summer series of Calm & Connected. Do you wish you had people who “just get” you? Do you struggle to find friends? Is it hard to feel like you belong? Are you worried about doing and saying the “right” thing? Maybe you’re not sure how to deal with … More Calm & Connected

Honor the Story

I have tried to convey this same message so many times to others in this field who work with adolescents affected by trauma. Athena said it so well. This is the essence of meeting a person where they are. Listen to their story. We cannot rewrite experience for others, but by joining with them, we … More Honor the Story

OH! The Thinks You Can Think: A Brief Intro to CBT

When working with clients who experience a moderate level of anxiety, I often blend mindfulness based stress reduction with cognitive behavioral therapy. Anxiety affects the body physically as well as mentally. Think about it. Can you recall a time you felt anxious about something? A test, a performance, seeing a friend, a first date, speaking … More OH! The Thinks You Can Think: A Brief Intro to CBT