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Are you tired of being told you’re too sensitive? Has beloved time spent alone in order to recharge from social encounters turned into isolation and a sense of disconnection? Do you long to feel reconnected with others, immersed in the world, fully engaged in life and living your purpose?

Through a highly skilled integration of therapeutic techniques and the creative process, I assist high-achieving teens and adults get unstuck and gain access to a full-out, vibrant expression of their lives. If you’re ready to dive deep into your story, ask hard questions, and re-shape the narrative, then I’m here to help you reclaim your life.

Ready to get started? Contact Meg at therapy@meghanharbin.com or call 706-372-1772.

Empowering children and families to thrive within their communities and achieve their life vision has become my passion. Frequently I work with adolescents and families in need of guidance toward a workable solution. I am adept at identifying unmet underlying needs which can sometimes drive problematic behaviors. I will partner with you in your journey to discover the obstacles that get in the way of your goals and explore the roles that you and significant others play in that course, while drawing on your individual strengths to obtain the life you want.

Bringing creativity and a calm, positive energy, I integrate an eclectic blend of techniques from expressive arts, somatic and mindfulness based techniques, EMDR and CBT in my sessions with clients.

Why Resilience Therapy?

Simply put, resilience is the ability to recover from setbacks and heal from upheaval. Resilience can be built by cultivating a sense of belonging and security; building personal strengths through gaining a sense of mastery and control; enhancing self-esteem; fostering secure relationships; expanding social support networks; and engaging in positive community experiences. Each treatment plan is tailored to address your initial reason for seeking therapy, but most will include strategies to build on these concepts to enhance individual resilience. The goal, then, is not to avoid life and its challenges, but to increase your capacity to withstand hardships and live life more fully.

My clients have taught me a tremendous amount about the resiliency of the human spirit. The issues I have most often worked with entail crisis planning and prevention, self-care, complex trauma, grief and loss, mood disorders, and parent-child conflict.

Get Started!I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I hold a masters degree in Social Work and bachelors’ degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology from the University of Georgia. I got my start in community mental health before transitioning to providing therapy for youth in the foster care and juvenile justice systems. I am trained in LifeForce Yoga for Mood Management and am a certified yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance, as well as a certified Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness.

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